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Government Notices

Government Notices

Notices published here cover all aspects of government concern and regulation.


The Government of Grenada (GoG) is implementing the Caribbean Digital Transformation Project with World Bank Group (WBG) funding.  Under Component 2 of the project, the GoG proposes constructing a building in Morne Jaloux, Grenada, dedicated to housing the cybersecurity agency. This activity's environmental and social risks are addressed under the Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF) for the project.

Grenada is implementing the Unleashing the Blue Economy of the Caribbean Project with involvement of the Ministry for Infrastructure Development, Transport and Implementation (MoID), as set out in the Financing Agreement (Credit Number 7087-GD) and the Additional Financing (AF) Financing Agreement (Credit Number 7551-GD).

This Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) outlines the schedule and mechanisms for stakeholder engagement, project information dissemination and grievance management for the life cycle of the Grenada Resilience Improvement Project (GRIP or Project) in Grenada. 

This Labour Management Procedures (LMP or Procedures) is developed to comply with the Environmental and Social Standard 2 (Labor and Working Conditions) (ESS2) of the World Bank, which applied to the Grenada Resilience Improvement Project (GRIP or Project)- P175720. The Procedures seek to ensure that measures are in place to manage risks associated with the labour and working conditions of Project Workers, as defined in ESS2, under the project and help determine the resources necessary for effective planning and management.

Ministry of Infrastructure Development, Public Utilities, Transport and Implementation (MOIID) - April 6 2022

The objective of this consultancy is to provide design review and construction supervision services for the Construction of the Grenada Christian Academy, St. Andrews.

Government of Grenada

The State of Grenada consists of three islands- Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique which form the southern end of the Windward Islands.

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